Rumor Time Already? Galaxy S IV Using Quad Core Cortex-A15 Processor?

I guess it’s already that time: time for rumors to start flying. And the next device to get the extreme rumor treatment is of course one of the most popular phones of all time: The Galaxy S series. Namely the Galaxy S IV (assuming they will keep that naming scheme, and I don’t see why they wouldn’t).

The latest rumor is one about its processor. They claim it shall house a Cortex-A15 processor, not unlike the Exynos 5150. But unlike the 5250, this one will be quad core. It is said to be called “Adonis.” The name either gives more legitimacy to the rumor, or will be very embarrassing if it’s way off. Let’s hope it’s true, because looking at the insane performance of the dual core Exynos A15, the quad core will really kick ass.

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