Sales Of Galaxy S III Spike At Both Lawsuit Verdict And iPhone 5 Launch

Sales for the Galaxy S III are still growing every week, with more and more phones being sold. However, growth was fairly stable before. Here’s the interesting part: the week of the verdict in the Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit, Galaxy S III sale growth doubled, up to 16% higher than the week before. We knew the lawsuit was good for Samsung as publicity (especially to those who only heard “Samsung is exactly like Apple but cheaper,” which is still funny), but this growth is very good. Guess it wasn’t all bad news for Samsung!

Growth then slowly dropped leading up to the iPhone 5 launch, with absolutely no growth in sales in the week of September 4th to 10th. Then the iPhone 5 launched, and Galaxy S III sales jumped 15%. This could mean that people stopped buying phones before the launch of the new iPhone, to wait to see which was better. Once it launched, people started buying again.

Consider this: this is growth. There was not a single week where they sold less phones than the week before. Sales are growing at a massive rate and Samsung is selling a lot of phones. When people thought the lawsuit and the iPhone launch would stifle sales, they actually boosted them.


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