Samsung Aware Of Exynos Documentation Issues, We Aren’t Sure Anything Will Be Done

Remember when we reported that Texas Instruments was leaving the SoC game? We were distraught, not because their processors were so good, but because they provided a lot of documentation. This was amazing for developers. My favorite processor line is the Exynos line. There is no doubt they are amazing in every way, showing raw power, low power usage, and even thrown in extras like an amazing audio amp (contrasting the mediocre to bad amps in Snapdragon and Tegra devices). But there is a serious lack of documentation, leading to their devices being harder to work with.

Now, Samsung has always been pretty developer friendly. They’ve kept all their phones 100% unlocked, released source code very fast, released developer tools, and even given out free phones to important developers. It is strange that they provide so little documentation on an in house chip. There have been many people complaining, including a very important dev named codeworkx, part of Team Hacksung. He has voiced his complaints on multiple occasions, showing how hard it is to code for the Exynos compared to OMAP, and even dropping support for Exynos devices and moving to Sony Xperia devices.

Apparently Samsung heard us, as their Samsung Exynos Twitter account tweeted this:

Of course, famous dev Entropy512 doesn’t exactly trust them, for good reason:

Here is the link he was referring to if you’re interested. We hope they’ll listen to us, but until then, we have to act. Click here for a list of actions you can take to further this cause. Hopefully, joining together will get Samsung to release proper documentation and make the developer scene better for everyone!


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