Samsung Moves Forward In Appeal Of Jury Verdict In Apple Patent Case – States Evidence of Jury Foreman Bias

Samsung has not let down on their stance pertaining to the verdict decision from their trial against Apple. Continuing their appeal of the final verdict, Samsung is making a new claim – they have evidence that shows jury foreman Velvin Hogan’s bias against the Korean company. In numerous interviews, Hogan revealed that he held a role in influencing other jurors who were undecided to ultimately side with Apple based on his own view point. According to Hogan’s interview statements, he has held quite a bit of personal experience in handling patents firsthand.

However, interestingly enough, there is a connection between Mr. Hogan and Samsung. It has been revealed that Hogan was once sued by the company Seagate, whom he once worked for. Now Seagate’s largest shareholder happens to be, yes, Samsung.

Never the less, Hogan failed to disclose that information during the jury selection process. Samsung, in turn, is now attempting to get the entire verdict thrown out based on these findings. Earlier today, Samsung filed the new complaint asking for a new trial. Samsung has asked that Hogan’s role in the verdict process be examined to determine if his previous negative experience generated a bias against Samsung that ultimately influenced the other jurors to side in Apple’s favor. Samsung claims that Hogan did not engage himself in appropriate legal standards during the deliberations. When Mr. Hogan had been reached for comment, in a rare move, the former foreman actually declined the chance to speak about the new claim against him.

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The Wall Street Journal via Phandroid

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