Samsung Prepping Smaller Version Of Galaxy Note Tablet?

According to some intel spotted by the boys from SamMobile, Samsung is prepping to introduce a new Galaxy Note tablet somewhere in the 7″-9″ range. The DNLA certification services highlights two models, the Samsung GT-N5100, and GT-5110. SamMobile reports that the tablet might launch with the same processor that powers the Galaxy S III, Exynos 4412 or a 1.6″ quad-core processor.

To offer some evidence, the “GT-N” label is  the model number listed for all Galaxy Note tablet products. The original Galaxy Note was the GT-N7000, the Note 10.1 is the GT-N8000 and the Note 2 listed as the GT-N7100 which offers up plenty of reasoning to suspect this is another Galaxy Note product.

There’s nothing here that says anything specific about a tablet ranging in the 7 to 9 inch range, but given that’s the only size Samsung doesn’t currently offer a “Note” product, we’re comfortable saying that’s the gap Samsung is looking to fill.

As for when we can expect an announcement, that’s anyones guess but with next January and February the scene for two high-profile electronic shows, we could see something from Samsung them.

Does a 7″ Galaxy Note tablet entice you? Or are you perfectly comfortable with a 5.5″ model that doubles as a phone?


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