Samsung Teases Galaxy Note II On Twitter, Availability Starting “This Week”

It’s no surprise that Samsung is doing some teasing via social media as they prepare for their event later this week. The arrival of the Galaxy Note II in the US will provide Samsung with a major stepping stone into the holiday season, and for good reason. As it stands right now, we’re all very eager to find out when exactly our respective carrier will stock the Note II on store shelves, and with that in mind, a quick tweet by Samsung’s Mobile Twitter account reminds us that availability is expected to start later this week, at least if you’re on Sprint. The nation’s third largest carrier has already indicated their own orders would start on the 25th of October, and so now we wait for the other 4 release partners to announce their own launch dates.

Hopefully we will find out exactly when the rest of the carrier partners will stock their own store shelves, none of this “available in the coming weeks” nonsense Samsung, ok?


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