Shadowgun: DeadZone Hits Play Store As Public Beta For Tegra 3 Devices

The original Shadowgun game for Android pretty much defined third person shooters in the mobile space, it was that fantastic. However, it was missing one feature that would have made it so much better: multiplayer. Well developer Madfinger is here to give us more, in the form of ShadowgunL DeadZone. It’s Shadowgun gameplay in the form of online multiplayer. I don’t think we could ask for much more.

There are a few downsides. First of all, this is an open beta. There will be features missing, this won’t be the entire game. Also, there aren’t all that many servers, so there might be delays joining multiplayer matches. Also, it’s a Tegra 3 exclusive. So if you’re rocking any hardware other than Tegra 3 (like I am), you’re out of luck. How unfortunate, this game looks so good. Oh well. If you’re a Tegra 3 owner, go get it now!

Play Store: Shadowgun: DeadZone | Android Police

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