Sony halts Xperia tablet sales after significant defect was found

Earlier this morning, Sony Corporation issued a statement regarding its Xperia Tablet S. According to the press release, the company has halted sales of the tablet, a month after its launch, after discovering a flaw in the production process. The issue arises from a gap between the screen and hard shell of the device that makes some of the units susceptible to water damage. The issue with the tablet, is that is advertised as being water resistant, so this production misstep could prove costly for consumers and Sony. Sony spokeswoman Noriko Shoji has stated that the issue was narrowed down to a manufacturing flaw at the Chinese plant where it is produced. Shoji also stated that Sony has not yet decided when it will resume sales.

Currently they’re are approximately 100,000 units that have been sold up until this point. Sony has stated they will fix any tablets free of charge. The company also stated that expects the cost of the recall to have no significant impact on earnings. Sony began selling its latest Android tablet on September 7 in the United States followed by launches in Japan, Europe, and throughout the rest of the world. The latest tablet from Sony, which like its smartphone line, has been branded Xperia in an attempt to unify its mobile company device line.

DroidDog will continue to keep you updated as Sony releases more information pertaining to the Xperia Tablet S.


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