Sony Highlights Full HD Voice Certification For Its Xperia T Smartphone

Sony’s upcoming Xperia T smartphone is the company’s definitive flagship device. The handset is so impressive, that it has been hinted at, as being the base for a Sony designed Nexus. Well Sony is certainly proud of the device and its features as they’ve just announced the Xperia T has achieved full HD Voice certification.

The way HD Voice works is fairly simple: the technology differentiates mobile devices by voice call quality and the technology creates a quality hearing experience which is definitely improved from typical voice calls heard on both traditional and mobile calls. The effect is that HD Voice technology allows for a clear voice to be heard in usually noisier environments— as if the both individuals on a call are right next to each other. In order to get the most out of the feature, however, both callers need to have HD Voice available. Currently only a select number of carriers even offer support for the feature (including Three and EE in the UK). While overall this tech is somewhat new it certainly is the future.

Sony Mobile – Blog     Image via CNET

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