Sony Nexus X Was Faked, Detailed How

Yes, the Sony Nexus X, no matter how much you liked it, was faked. And the person who faked it has come forward and explained how. And seriously, it’s a lot more impressive than you think. The device was 3D modeled, taking cues from many Sony and Nexus devices, creating a realistic but unique device. Then he took photos with his Galaxy Nexus and used them to make the 3D render look low quality, like his Gnex shots. In the end, it took 7 hours of labor to get it all done.

He then details how tech sites (like us!) took the bait. It’s a fantastic read, hit the source link to take a look. As an added bonus, the entire post is styled in Holo UI. Good on you, sir.

Anatomy Of A Hoax | Android Central

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