Sprint’s LG Optimus G Not Even Available Yet – Already Has Root

LG‘s new flagship phone, the Optimus G, has certainly seen quite a bit of press since its announcement. The device has even spurred a Nexus variant that is expected to be announced by Google before the end of the month. Well the handset has been confirmed as coming to Sprint (as well as AT&T) in the U.S. and even before it’s release it has already been rooted. Yes that is true, the Sprint LG Optimus G has been successfully rooted.

Despite its release still a few weeks out, the Optimus G has been rooted by some clever individuals over at at the Android Central Forums. The group of tech enthusiasts realized that the Sprint Optimus G could be rooted in the same manner as the Korean version of the smartphone. It’s believed to be based on the Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean adb restore exploit discovered by Bin4ry. Essentially, you’ll need a Windows-based computer, USB cable, LG driver and a subsequent additional file. It sounds relatively simple and straightforward enough, so if you are planning on grabbing that device, be sure to hit up the source link below to get all the details.

Android Central Forums

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