T-Mobile Announces Samsung Galaxy S III as their best-selling device

The nation’s 4th largest carrier, T-Mobile, via Twitter announced their best-selling device of all time. Despite only being available since July, Samsung’s Galaxy S III takes home the crown on the Magenta’s network.

Last night T-Mobile posted the following tweet on their official Twitter account:

Did you know the Samsung Galaxy S III is @tmobile‘s all-time best-selling device? RT if you love your device!

— @TMobile

Interestingly enough, Apple’s iPhone models have never been sold on T-Mobile yet are widely used on the network. This is not new information but if those iPhone devices were accounted for, would this data become irrelevant? It certainly could spark debate. As previously reported by TMoNews, Apple’s iPhone 5 will soon be free to be used on the Magenta network with T-Mobile releasing NanoSim cards and featuring “Bring Your Own iPhone” marketing. Never the less, this is great news for Samsung, Google, and Android. Samsung has to be happy at the device’s performance that has outperformed  T-Mobile staples like the the myTouch models or any variation of the Sidekick.

T-Mobile Twitter Account via TMoNews

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