True Story: LG Nexus 4 Lost In A Bar, Winds Up On Video

All of a sudden a brand new story of the LG Nexus 4 takes us right back to a similar scenario surrounding the iPhone 4 prototype lost in a San Francisco bar. As it turns out, this is a repeat of that exact situation and as Google’s next flagship device winds up lost and on camera. A bartender at a popular San Francisco bar discovers the phone and as he generally finds a few lost phones each night, doesn’t pay any extra attention to it. That is until another tech-savvy patron in the bar recognizes it as the upcoming Nexus 4, contacts Google and the story gets pretty wild from there.

Google arranges to get the device back with their security teams reacting quickly to the news that a prototype device is out in the wild. It’s quite an interesting tale and the team from Wired has all the details, including the reactions of the bartender, the tech-savvy patron and Google’s rush to secure the device. Hit the source link for the rest of the images and details, it’s definitely worth the read.


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