Verizon Hitting Its Goal Early, 400th LTE Market Will Be Launched October 18

Verizon has had its LTE network up and running for a little under two years now, and in that short timespan they have had what is quite possibly the most extensive rollout in US carrier history. The company promised that they would hit 400 LTE markets by the end of 2012, and come October 18th they will be hitting their goal. That’s right, a whole two months early, further proving that Verizon is truly dedicated to upgrading their network.

As for the market that will be honored with the big 400, Marquette, Michigan (the college town of Northern Michigan University) will be lighting up on the 18th. Additional markets will also be going live, and 37 current markets will receive expanded coverage. The latest rollout will bring Verizon’s total number of markets to 417, covering over 245 million Americans. Impressive things Verizon is doing, putting some real pressure on the other big carriers.

Verizon via Android Community

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