Walmart Offering 2 Year Protection Plan For Nexus 7 For Only $19

Walmart current has a fantastic price for the 2 year protection plan for the Nexus 7 16GB. If you wanted to get a 32GB model, it would only be $28. We don’t know how good Walmart’s protection plans really are, but the price is absolutely fantastic. Let’s look at some of the competition:

Staples’ tablet protection plan rates are as follows: For a $150-$199.99 tablet, 2 years of protection is $60 without accidental damage, $130 with accidental protection. Square Trade offers protection plans for $49.99 for the 16GB Nexus 7. Now you can see why Walmart’s prices are so good. So if you were planning to get a Nexus 7, and you are afraid of it breaking, Walmart is probably your best bet.

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