Want More Features In Nova Launcher? Enable Hidden Labs Manu

Nova launcher may be packed with features as it is, but there are a few features hidden. Just like some Google apps have a Labs section for features that aren’t finished, Nova does too. Except it’s cleverly hidden. Notice how in the launcher settings, your volume buttons don’t adjust volume? Hold volume down for 3 seconds, and there will be a toast notification informing you that the Labs menu was enabled.

Now that you have the menu enabled, there will be new features like forcing 180 degree rotation (everyone wants their phone upside down), allows you to set a 16×16 grid instead of the maximum 7×7, and other nifty things. One interesting feature is UI Lock, which basically puts scrolling as a high priority thread for extra smoothness. Not sure how well it works, but I’ll be using it. Always nice to have a bit more butter on an aging device.

If for any reason you want to remove the Labs menu, you can hold volume up for 3 seconds. Quite simple. We hope you enjoy this feature!

Android Police

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