4.1.2 Build For Galaxy S III Leaks, Has Many Note II Features Including Multi View

The Samsung Galaxy S III has been rumored to get multi view for a while. If you don’t know, multi view is a feature introduced on the Galaxy Note II that lets you run two apps at the same time split screen. One goes on top of the other and you can see both at once. It’s a really cool feature for multitasking, especially on the Note II’s massive 5.5″ display.

However, a leaked 4.1.2 build for the European 3G-only S III (I9300) contains multi view too, along with a lot of other Note II features. It has smart rotation, a new keyboard with SwiftKey baked in, a new gallery, and the Paper Artist app. This is continuing Samsung’s trend of not just updating the version number on older phones, but updating the feature set. They are probably doing this with the original Note (adding Note II features, despite not having to) and possibly with the Galaxy S II (a leaked Jelly Bean build had the new TouchWiz UX). It’s a really interesting and great strategy. It also has a customizable notification toggle set, so that should be good news for everyone too.

This leaked build should not be flashed on any phone but the I9300 and should not be flashed by anyone inexperienced (read: could be dangerous). It is a pre-rooted testing build lacking even a Samsung signature. Flashing it will raise your flash counter and will most likely be a buggy experience.

SamMobile thinks that Samsung will release the official 4.1.2 update for the international Galaxy S III in December, and that’d be great. Not only because of the new features, but it also makes expandable notifications actually usable with one finger expanding. Let’s hope it comes soon! What do you guys think of Samsung updating older phones with new features? Tell us in the comments!

SamMobile | Android Central

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