Amazon Updates Its Android Appstore, Greatly Improves The Experience

Amazon’s Appstore is a prime example of how great it is that Android is an open platform, but lately the app has been a bit on the poor side in terms of usability. Plagued with bugs and other unattractive flaws, Amazon has finally released an update that fixes all of these issues.

Included in the update is plenty of bug fixes, including a major one that has been known to greatly drain batteries on Android devices. It also brings yet another new UI, but it’s always good to keep it fresh, right? You can hit the Amazon link below to grab the new update, or even download the app if you’ve yet to try it. We’d recommend you do, if only for the Free App Of The Day.

Grab the update below, and be sure to let us know how it is in the comments below.

Amazon via Droid-Life

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