Android 4.2 features and Google Wallet APK becomes available for Galaxy Nexus users

Users not willing to wait for the Android 4.2 update to become live are in luck. Thanks in part to Android’s development community, last week we saw camera and gallery updates from Google‘s newest OS update released as apk apps. Now Twitter user, @KillDroidHack, has gone even further helping to release additional core Android 4.2 features.

Core system apps such as Gmail, Maps, Calendar and the like are now available for download in APK form. In addition, the newest version of Google Wallet has also been released. This now definitely gives users the ability to emulate Android 4.2 on their device prior to Google even issuing the update.

Check out the source links below to find the apks and update your apps today.

@KillDroidHackDev-Host-1,2 via Pocket Now

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