Another Chromebook Hits The Play Store From Acer, Only $199

We now have yet another option for a Chromebook, and that’s a great thing. We thought that the $250 Samsung Chromebook was cheap, but this is a whole different level. They priced it at only $199 while retaining a real Intel processor (the Samsung has an ARM processor). It also includes an 11.6″ 1366×768 display (that’s a good density), a slightly thicker body than the Samsung (1 inch), a 3 pound weight, 320GB hard drive with 100GB of Google Drive storage for two years, and a whole host of ports. The Ethernet port makes a comback, along with an HDMI, a VGA, and 3 USB ports.

They had to make some sacrifices of course. The computer is a little heavy, but not unmanageable (I shouldn’t talk, I use an Alienware). The battery life is also a pathetic 3.5 hours, unlike the 6.5 hours the Samsung’s Chromebook claims. But otherwise, for $199, you’re getting a solid laptop for a great price. If Chrome OS suits you, then this is an awesome deal.

Acer Chromebook | Android Central

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