Apple And HTC Licensing Deal Will Auto-Terminate If Either Party Is Bought Out

Florian Mueller, from Foss Patents, discovered a heavily redacted (about 90% of the content blacked out), public version of the Apple and HTC licensing agreement. One of the visible pieces of information included a “change of control” cause which will automatically terminate the entire agreement in the case of either party being bought out. So unless otherwise specified, any patent licensing deals between the two companies will be void if either company is purchased. We all know that Apple is unlikely to be bought out, so this clause is mostly directed towards HTC.

It’s also noted that if this arrangement between Apple and HTC goes sour, both parties can reassert their claims.

There are also details that state that certain patents are “covered”. The specific details are all blacked out, but what this means is that if those patents were licensed to third parties, they would be extremely restricted in the case of an agreement termination.

The entire 30-page, non-redacted, document will be released to Samsung soon seeing as how Apple and HTC are now required to turn it over. More information on the specific patents involved will be revealed in the coming weeks. Hopefully Samsung will find the information that it needs to keep their products on the market.

Apple Insider via Foss Patents

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