Apple And HTC Required To Give Their Settlement Agreement On Over To Samsung

Last Friday, Samsung filed a request to see the settlement details between Apple and HTC. They wanted to see if any of the patents covered overlapped with their own case with Apple.

Today, U.S. Magistrate Judge Paul S. Grewal granted Samsung’s request and is requiring that Apple and HTC turn over that settle agreement over to Samsung. Samsung is hoping that whatever is in that document will help it determine whether or not they need to take any of their products off the market thanks to the Apple’s 1.049 billion dollar verdict.

Samsung states that if Apple had licensed some if its unique experience patents, then it is fine with competitors using that IP just as long as they receive money for it in return. They also stated that since Apple will receive a payout from the verdict, there isn’t any justification in the extra step of an injunction.

Samsung argued that the fees that HTC is required to pay Apple indicates the high consumer demand there is for the features covered by the patents. Although Judge Grewal was a bit skeptical of Samsung’s argument, he still decided that Apple should turn over the settlement agreement to Samsung. Unfortunately for us, the document is only to be seen by the eyes of Samsung’s legal team, which means we won’t be able to see any of the juicy details of the settlement anytime soon.

Samsung has about 15 days before their scheduled December 6th hearing on the injunction, which should give them ample time to figure out a battle plan against Apple. The plot thickens and this case could take a huge turn, so let’s sit back and enjoy the show.

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