Apple Claims They Will Pay $1 Per iPhone Sold To Moto, But No More

In a very strange turn of events, Apple is now open to pay licensing fees to Motorola. Apple has never been one to do so, but now their lawyers told a court that they would pay a dollar per iPhone sold to Motorola to use their essential patents. $1 isn’t bad money for patents (though it could stand to be a bit larger of a sum), and considering how many iPhones Apple sells, it’d be damn good money for Motorola.

Now I don’t think Motorola should drop their case and settle for a dollar per device, as I’m sure they could get a little more, but this is a big deal for Apple to agree to something like this. It means Apple knows it’s in the wrong, even before the trial started. As Professor Farnsworth would say, “Good news everyone!”


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