Apple Ordered To Pay Samsung’s Legal Fees In UK Dispute

Apple may have made nice with HTC, but their ongoing trouble with Samsung in the UK has them yet again back in the news. After posting an apology the Judge didn’t like, a rewritten apology was accepted, albeit pushed down on Apple’s webpage so it was out of view. That crafty maneuver has led a UK court to order Apple to pay all of Samsung’s legal fees in full.

The Court of Apple of England and Wales has ordered Apple to pay Samsung’s legal fees on an “indemnity basis,” due to Apple’s “false and misleading” initial apology. Apple’s original apology if you’ll recall referenced other cases were Apple was the victor put a positive spin on an otherwise negative matter.

It’s not uncommon for losers in the UK court system to pay court costs for the winner, so there is some precedent here, but the Judge is sticking Apple to the fullest extent of the law by making sure that Apple covers every cent Samsung has spent.

The legal fee cost is intended to serve as a little extra punishment to Apple for the bravado manner in which they handled the apology. Hopefully, this will be the last time this issue comes to light as Apple should just take their loss and move on.

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