Apple’s Apology To Samsung Purposefully Hidden From View Without Scrolling

After all the lawsuits and apologies and judges getting mad about said apologies and revised apologies, we have more drama. What did you expect from them? As you can see from the photo above, Apple has redone the UK site, making the iPad Mini larger and pushing the apology at the bottom of the page from view.

It’s not really that simple though. They didn’t just make the image bigger. There is actually a script that moves the apology off the screen, no matter the screen size. Even on a 2560×1600 display, the apology will be out of view. Here is the site normally:

And here it is when running an addon called NoScript:

We aren’t sure if the judge can or will do anything about this, since it’s technically exactly what was asked of them, but is this cheating? It gets the apology out of the view of most of the people who visit the site, and that’s pretty unfair in my opinion. Sometimes, companies need to stop acting like little children and just take defeat. Both of them.

Reddit | Android Police

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