Apple’s Revised UK Lawsuit Statement Begins Running In Newspapers

Apple’s newly minted apology to Samsung has begun appearing in its first newspaper advertisements in British papers as ordered by the UK courts. In the Guardian, Apple took out a small advertisement space in 14-point Arial font as ordered by the ruling. There’s little question that Apple’s new apology lacks the “art” of its earlier statement, but fulfills the courts order. Apple will still have to place the same text on their UK homepage in 11 point font sometime over the next couple days.

Apple’s original statement, which included references to other lawsuits around the world that saw Apple as the victors along with “not as cool” verbiage from the Judge was admonished by the UK courts. That apology, placed on their website on October 26th has since been taken down.

Needless to say, this apology is about as generic as Apple could make it and definitely lacks the flare of Apple’s original words. Hopefully this will please the court and both companies can get on making better products.


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