AT&T And Amazon Forage Into The Cloud Storage Space

It looks like both Amazon and AT&T are taking a dive into the cloud storage game. It makes sense for Amazon, as they are pretty much based in the cloud. But it is an interesting move for AT&T.

Amazon Cloud Drive offers 5GB of free storage, with further pricing options available (like 20GB for only $10 a year). That’s about in line with the competition, except of course for Dropbox (who still offers only 2GB for free). They also offer an app that can upload photos to the cloud and view everything you have stored. It acts as a gallery for your stored photos, and offers sharing options. It’s a simple app that doesn’t do all that much but works well.

AT&T is taking a similar approach, with 5GB of free storage, $3.99 a month for 30GB, and $9.99 a month for 100GB. But unlike the Amazon app, the AT&T Locker app can auto upload all your photos to the cloud as a backup. Plus this app has more than just photos. Go get both apps (or just one) in the source links!

Play Store: Amazon Cloud Drive Photos | Play Store: AT&T Locker | TechCrunch | The Next Web

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