AT&T Releases ICS Update For Samsung Captivate Glide After Delays

After a lengthy delay, it seems that AT&T is once again releasing the update to the Samsung Captivate Glide. The update should be available tomorrow and will update the phone to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Unfortunately, there will not be an OTA and the update will have to be downloaded from Samsung’s website. It’ll be through Kies, and if you don’t know what Kies is, it’s a fairly straightforward but somewhat inconvenient piece of software made by Samsung that acts as a sort of iTunes for your Samsung device. You’ll have to use it to update your Captivate Glide.

If all goes well, you can grab the update tomorrow. For instructions, hit the source link to Samsung’s site. They explain the process in full. Do any of you use Cappy Glides? Tell us how the update goes!

Samsung: Captivate Glide Update | AT&T Blog | Android Police

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