Barnes And Noble Announces Second Quarter Results, Nook Sales Doubled Over Thanksgiving Weekend

Taking a page right out of the Amazon playbook, Barnes and Noble announced their second quarter fiscal results this morning along with a choice quote on Nook sales over Thanksgiving weekend. In its press release, Barns and Noble highlights that Nook sales “doubled over the four-day Black Friday weekend, across all channels, based on information provided by our channel partners on a sell-through basis compared to the similar period last year.” We should mention that this doesn’t include the Nook HD and HD+ tablets, which shipped outside the second fiscal quarter.

Seriously, what’s up with the lack of real, concrete sales numbers? Why do Samsung and dare I say Apple in the same sentence provide “concrete” numbers while Amazon and Barnes and Noble tell us “double” of who knows what? I know it’s not this low, but is it double of 10 units, a thousand, ten thousand? Amazon’s weekend sales were undoubtedly helped by the $30 discount on the Kindle Fire, allowing Cyber Monday to be the biggest ever for the internet giant. So guys, if you’re listening, actual sales numbers mmmkay?

Barnes and Noble did add that the Nook HD and HD+ will be calculated into their third quarter fiscal numbers, but if history is any guide, it still won’t help us decide exactly how many were sold. Any educated guesses?

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