Boid For Android Unofficially Ending Development

Good Twitter clients seem to become more scarce these days, no? We can take one more off the list, at least for official development, as Team Boid member Graham Macphee stated today that development for their Twitter client will cease. However, Boid for Android was never intended to be a full client, rather an example for what Twitter clients should look like.

Going for the goal of ‘Tweetbot for Android’ the team made some amazing progress with their app. Of course, they never intended for it to be an accomplishment, nor means of revenue. That lessens the pain that the app never left beta, but it’s still unfortunate that Android is now down another Twitter client.

Graham wanted to remind us that this isn’t official, though the team plans to make it so in the near future. Did Twitter’s new guidelines affect the teams decision? Personally, I don’t think so, but it may have pressured the team into early retirement. So, Boid users, what will your next Twitter client be?

Graham Macphee via Android Central

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