C Spire Wireless To Launch Shared Data Plans On December 3rd

C Spire Wireless is getting ready to launch their own shared data plans on December 3rd. The shared data plans will include unlimited talk, text, and MMS as well as video streaming and mobile hotspot service. With C Spire’s new, shared data plans, you can share data with up to 10 devices on an account.

Suzy Hays, senior VP for Brand Management and Personalization, said,

“As part of our long-standing commitment to keep the customer in control of their wireless experience and to offer competitive, no overage plans, our SHARED Data plans offer simple, easy and worry-free options to share data without concern about costly, surprise bills. Whether choosing our industry-leading CHOICE plans or SHARED Data plans, you know that you’re always getting the most personalized plan that best fits how you use your phone, smartphone or other wireless device.”

Shared data allowances start at $50 for 1GB and goes all the way up to $150 for 20GB.

Monthly line accesses per devices:

  • $20 for each USB modem, tablet, or other connected devices.
  • $30 for each feature phone
  • $40 for each smartphone

C Spire will allow customers to change to their shared data plans at no extra cost or contract extension.

Another great thing to note is that if a customer goes over 1KB of their allotted data usage, C Spire won’t charge them $15 per extra GB. Instead they will alert them that they have gone over their limit, and then offer them the option to purchase data passes starting from $10 for 500MB up to $75 for 5GB.

Suzy Hays said,

“We’re staying true to offering fair and easy-to-manage plans that are created with our customers in mind. Customers choose their personalized plan features up front and know their monthly bill in advance, giving them unmatched value and the freedom to use their phones without worry or overages.”

Source: Android Central via Business Wire