Comcast XFINITY TV Player Now Has Option To Download Shows For Offline Viewing

If you have Comcast and you’re subscribed to their premium channels, Encore, Starz, MoviePlex, and/or Showtime, you’re in for a treat. Comcast has just updated their XFINITY TV Player app for Android and iOS alike to allow subscribers to download shows and movies from those channels straight to their devices. You can download your shows/movies in medium or high quality with the former being less of a space hog. The option to download will be right next to the “play” button when you’re searching through the online catalog.

This gives Comcast a one-up on popular streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu Plus. You can watch your favorite shows or movies in places where you don’t normally have reception… like on an airplane flight. Hopefully the list of channels you’re allowed to download from increases over time, but for right now we’ll take what we can get. You can head over to Google Play to download the XFINITY TV Player.

Engadget, CNET

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