comScore Shows Samsung Is Still On Top, Apple Second Place

comScore has once again released data pertaining to a three month period ending in October, showing us the distribution numbers for both manufacturer and mobile OS. Once again, Samsung is on top at 26.3%. Apple actually jumped ahead of LG to 17.8%, probably due to the iPhone 5 launch. It’s surprising that there wasn’t a bigger boost as other charts have shown. LG dropped to a close third at 17.6%, but might rise again in the next 3 month period due to its very popular Nexus 4 and well received Optimus G.

In terms of platforms, obviously Android will be taking the lead. While not the crazy numbers other companies have reported, Google holds a sizable lead at 53.6%, a good 1.4 point change. Apple holds second place with iOS at 34.3% with a 0.9 point change. Sadly, RIM, Microsoft, and Symbian are all dropping, not rising. We do wish Microsoft’s Windows Phone would grow, but it might do so now that Windows Phone 8 is out.

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