[Update] CyanogenMod.com Domain Hijacked, Transitioned To CyanogenMod.org

The CyanogenMod team has some bad news for us. At the beginning, the CyanogenMod.com domain was donated to them by a third party, not purchased. And lately, that person has been setting up deals with companies using the CyanogenMod name and accounts. Now that he has been caught doing so, he is asking $10,000 USD for the domain. Since then, the CM team has cut off access to all social media accounts. However, that person still controls their domain and email accounts (@cyanogenmod.com).

If you want to email the CyanogenMod team, you should use their cmcyanogenmod@gmail.com account instead of any previous ones. Also, for those curious, all donations made to the CM team are safe and have not been affected by this ordeal.

If you have any information on deals possibly made without their knowledge, please email them at Shade@chemlab.org. They will be pursuing legal action but want to see how much damage was caused first.

CyanogenMod, we here at DroidDog wish you the best of luck with regaining control of your domain. If you guys want to read the whole story on their website, hit the source link (and mind the new .org domain).

UPDATE: It seems that things have been resolved peacefully. Cyanogen tweeted that they now have their domain back and to just forget all of it. It seems that the person who had “hijacked” the domain said it was a misunderstanding, and had agreed to give them the domain to wash his hands of all of this. At least that’s respectable. We are glad things are back to normal.


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