CyanogenMod’s Apollo Music Player Hits The Play Store

Apollo Music Player has been packaged into CyanogenMod builds for a while. They said it would hit the Android Market eventually, so we waited. We waited through two new Android versions and a rebranding of the Market to the Play Store to see this day come. Apollo is finally on the Play Store for everyone to use.

This music player is built to be as customizable as possible. It has theme support, customizable layouts, widgets, lyric support, gapless playback, and many more features. There are also plans to add more features like tablet support, customizable notification controls, sleep timer, and more. It’s exciting to see how far this could progress, as the search for the perfect music player will never end.

You can also teat yourself to the plus version, which removes ads and gives you quicker updates. Not quite sure how I feel about a paid CM app, but at $0.99, it’s absolutely nothing to fret. Hit the source links to download your preferred version and tell us how you like it!

Play Store: Apollo | Play Store: Apollo+ | Android Police

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