Cyanogenmod’s Music Player, Apollo, Pulled From Google Play

Cyanogenmod’s music player, Apollo, was removed from Google Play just 4 days after it had hit the market. It has been accused by MusiXmatch for alleged copyright infringement. Andrew Neal, the creator of Apollo, wrote on his Google+ page,

Hey, just to let those of you who noticed that Apollo and Apollo+ are no longer in the Play Store know, MusiXmatch filed a complaint and had them removed for alleged copyright infringement due to the way that Apollo fetches lyrics. I’m looking into the best way to handle this, and will be trying to get Apollo back into the store ASAP. That’s all I know for now.

Apollo scrapes its lyrics using Lyrics Wiki who licenses their lyrics from Gracenote. Who else licenses their lyrics from Gracenote? MusiXmatch does. So perhaps the two just fetch lyrics in a similar manner, and that there really isn’t any copyright infringement going on here, but until then Apollo will stay off the market until it can resolve the issue.

It may take up to a few weeks for Apollo to re-appear in the Google Play store. For those of you who downloaded the app before it was taken off the market, consider yourselves lucky. As for now, the rest of you will have to wait until Neal can find a workaround.

Source: Android Police via Google+

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