Deal: AT&T Galaxy Note II On Sale For $175 For New Customers And $200 For Upgrades

If you are looking to get a Samsung Galaxy Note II on AT&T, now is a good time to get one. On Amazon Wireless, an AT&T Note II will only set you back $175 if you’re a new customers. This is an absolute steal for this powerhouse. If you’re a returning customer with an upgrade, it’ll be a bit pricier for you at $200. It’s still a very low price, $100 less than what AT&T offers, and that extra $25 pales in comparison to what you will spend on service throughout your two year contract. The devices are currently backordered and will ship in 1-2 weeks in either gray or white, but for the price, it’s a worthy tradeoff. Hit the source links and start buying!

Amazon: AT&T Note II (Gray) | Amazon: AT&T Note II (White) | Android Police

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