Dr. Power Allows Devs To Optimize Apps For Battery Usage, Useful For Power Users Too

Tawkon is best known for creating an app that tracks radiation given off by your phone. It’s a really useful app that can help you lessen exposure to phone radiation, and it works well. Unfortunately, when it was released, users complained that it drained their batteries fast. The developers at Tawkon realized that there were no tools out there to help optimize apps for the least power usage, so they decided to create their own.

Dr. Power is a result of those efforts. It’s an app that runs in the background (lacking any irony, since it is extremely light on your battery) and analyzes all the apps running using the same algorithm Google uses, except showing a lot more detail. When you open the app, it will present you with a list of apps that have been eating your battery. It is more comprehensive than the list in Settings, as it includes processes and services too. When pressing on any of these entries, you’ll be presented with all the things the app has done. This includes wakelocks, sensor usage, specific processes, data used, and the amount of power each of those things used (in both a percentage and an absolute number in mA). It’s really all the information you could possibly want.

This is a great tool for developers to see what power their apps use. If their app uses a specific sensor unnecessarily, they could fix it. It’s these little things that devs couldn’t do without experimentation and bug reports that they will now be able to do easily. All the developers out there, I urge you to give this app a spin, it might really help.

However, this app is not only for developers, it is also for power users. If you’re one who likes to modify their phones, you might be familiar with BetterBatteryStats. It’s an app that shows every single little thing that is eating your battery along with a ton of other information. This app is not meant to replace BBS (I use both), but it compliments it well. It takes a lot of the info BBS shows and organizes it into groups and shows specific apps attached to wakelocks and processes. It’s a great tool in the endless journey to achieve the most power out of our phones.

I’ve been using it on a Galaxy S II for a good day and it has provided some very useful information with no noticeable impact on battery life. Tawkon really know what they’re doing with this app. It should work on pretty much any device with Android version 2.1 and up, including non-traditional devices like the Galaxy Camera. It already works with Android 4.2, so all you newly updated Nexus owners can use it too.

The best part of this app is that it’s completely free. And even better, it’s ad free. There is just one banner at the bottom saying “Powered by tawkon.” This kind of app for no charge is really shocking, considering how well developed and useful it is. There is really no reason not to download it. Hit the source link to download it!

Thank you Ori Goshen (Co Founder, VP and R&D at tawkon) for the interview and information! Much appreciated!

Play Store: Dr. Power Battery Profiler

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