EBay Places Restrictions On Selling The Nexus 4

eBay is encouraging people to sell their Nexus 4′s in order to take advantage of the high demand for the product, but it has also placed some restrictions on users planning on selling the highly, coveted handset on their site.

If you’re a new user, you can only list one Nexus 4 phone per week… which might be a disappointment to those of you who bought it in bulk. Top sellers can list eight per week, and the authorized resellers are unaffected by the restrictions.

These restrictions have been placed in order to protect buyers from any potential scam. An eBay expert stated that criminals have been known to hack into high-rated seller accounts in order to scam buyers, which is why eBay has to be extra careful with the onslaught of Nexus 4 listings.

eBay released this announcement today,

Google Nexus 4 Product Post-Launch Sales

You may list a Google Nexus 4 with some limitations:

  • Authorized resellers will be allowed to list an unlimited number of items per week.
  • eBay Top Rated Sellers will be allowed to list up to 8 items per week.
  • All sellers meeting minimum performance standards will be allowed to list 4 items per week.
  • New sellers who’ve confirmed their personal information may list 1 item per week.

Note: Sellers not meeting minimum performance standards or that haven’t confirmed their personal information will not be allowed to list the Google Nexus 4 during the post-launch sale period.

Google Nexus 4 Domain Name and Email Address Sales

Sellers offering Google Nexus 4-related domain names or email addresses for sale on eBay will be allowed up to 4 listings per week.

So if you’re planning on buying a Nexus 4 off of eBay, you can relax knowing that they have your back.

Source: Phone Arena via eBay

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