Facebook Is Encouraging Their Employees Through Posters To Switch To Android

Facebook has been placing posters all around their offices to encourage their employees to give up their iPhones and pick up an Android phone. By having employees use Android handsets, they are getting their employees to dogfood (or droidfood) their Facebook for Android app. They know that there are bugs within their Facebook for Android app and they want their employees to figure those bugs out using a bug reporting tool which they call the “Rage Shake”.

Facebook knows that the expected shipments of Android handsets will greatly surpass that of the iPhone by 2016, so they want their employees working extra hard on their app for Android so they don’t neglect most of the smartphone market.

Hopefully now, the Facebook app for Android will get much needed attention and updates. Right now it’s a bit choppy and buggy compared to its iPhone counterpart. I always envy my friends when I see how fluid and consistent their Facebook app is compared to mine.

Source: Ubergizmo via Techcrunch

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