Falcon And HD Widgets Add Support For Android 4.2 Lockscreen Widgets

Two apps today were updated with widget support for the new Android 4.2 lockscreen. While the lockscreen itself wasn’t such a great feature a few days ago, with 3rd party support it can really become useful. And today, it is getting a bit of that. HD Widgets has been updated to support adding widgets to the lockscreen, in sizes for both tablets and phones. Just like the homescreen widgets, you can add a clock, weather, toggles, and customize it all as much as you want.

And for a quick glance at your Twitter feed, Falcon has been updated with its full widgets now compatible with the 4.2 lockscreen. Both widgets work well and do what they should do. If you want these two apps, or just need to update them, hit the source links now! And tell us, is the new 4.2 lockscreen with widgets a gimmick or actually useful?

Play Store: HD Widgets | Play Store: Falcon for Twitter

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