Favorite App Of The Week: Little Generals

While we love console quality games like Dead Trigger, and Asphalt, you have to sit down and play them. They take dedication and time. Sometimes we want to just waste some time when we have a 5 minute break, and what better way than a simple but extremely fun game like Little Generals?

Little Generals starts off with a map, where you choose what lands you want to take over. Each land has its own unique and very silly name. It’s the little things that keep you going. Once you choose a land you want to take over, you’re taken to a battleground.

Here is where all the action happens. It’s a simple premise: you just aim the arc, and fire. When you’ve fired, the other player gets their turn. If you need to move around, you can do so with your limited fuel supply. The goal is to destroy the other tank using any means necessary. Every round won earns you more cash. That’s where weaponry comes in.

There is a whole host of weaponry you can use. The more you play, the more you unlock. You unlock the first few weapons really quickly, graduating from baby missiles to bigger missiles, with special drill missiles and even nukes. Of course, you have to buy your missiles, so use your money wisely.

Outside of the actual game, you can customize your general in any way you want. Sure, it’s unnecessary, but it’s this attention to detail that makes a game feel complete. You can also buy various tanks, though those do boost your stats.

If you’re so inclined, they also have in app purchases. If you run out of in game money, you can always buy more! The game, of course, can also be played all the way through for free. You would be supporting the developers though, so that’s always a good idea.

This game is great fun. Each round takes very little time, so it can be played during small breaks, or you can just binge and play for a long time. Plus, the art style is cartoony and really accents the gameplay. I haven’t gotten very far, but it just keeps getting better. Plus they will be adding more tanks, more weapons, and more content in general as time goes on. I suggest everyone hit the source link and download it for themselves!