Galaxy Note II Ad Shows Off Liquid Pixels Art Project

Samsung has created an ad out of a real art project by Steak Studio. The project’s goal was to create a pool of water with “pixels” made out of little jets that were wirelessly controlled by a Samsung Galaxy Note II. 10 days of work, all aided by the massive device, culminated in the project being finished and shown off, and I have to say, this art project is simple yet quite stunning.

The director of Steak Studio, Daniel Kupfer, clarified that the Galaxy Note II was not used for promotion but an actual tool they actually used. “The Galaxy Note II is a fantastic device that gave us all the computing power required and the ease to bridge things together with zero hassle.” This really demonstrates the versatility of Android and the usefulness of the S Pen. Either way, it’s a nice commercial and a very nice art project.

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