Gap Between iPad And Android Tablet Sales Closing Fast

Though Android tablets have been doing better and better, until recently they were absolutely no competition to the iPad. In a shocking bit of news, apparently that gap is closing fast, with the iPad holding a 55% market share and Android tablets holding 44%. But consider that many analysts thought that it would take even longer for Android to catch up in the tablet space. Many say that in 2015 or 2016, Android would finally overtake Apple in tablet sales.

However, this might happen next year, far ahead of predictions. With Android tablets being continuously cheaper and better, they’re often the better alternative to the iPad with few sacrifices. Looking at the Nexus 7, you get a high power Tegra 3 tablet with a 720p display for only $200. The iPad Mini provides a worse display for $329. Just like with Android smartphones, Android tablets are becoming the better alternative. That’s not to say that Android tablets are better, but they’re now reaching a wider audience. And let’s admit, Android tablets somewhat sucked a mere year ago.

Add on top of that the massive sales of the Amazon Kindle Fire, which runs a forked version of Android, Android tablets are starting to dominate. Google is selling a large amount of Nexus 7′s. And Samsung continues to sell a lot of tablets with their popular Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Note lines.

Do any of you guys use tablets? If so, what kind? I personally use a Nexus 7 but I’d love to hear what your preference is. Tell us in the comments!

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