Google Apps (Gapps) Updated to Android 4.2.0 Versions, Available Now

The wonderful Android community has once again graciously provided us with manna to bring all things Googleness to our devices running custom ROMs.  As we know, our favorite developers are working hard to bring us Android 4.2, and we need gapps with those ROMs.  So, just as custom 4.2.1 ROMs are beginning to appear, an updated gapps has been loaded to the trusted mirror states with information from the developer that “all apps [have been] updated to 4.2.0 versions where applicable.”  So, you’ll see the new Gmail, where you can finally pinch and zoom your email and swipe to delete emails.  It is also states that the gapps released today have “not been tested for compatibility with 4.1.x.”  I loaded them on my personal Nexus 7 running an AOKP 4.1.2 build and the tablet wasn’t having a great time with the new AOSP keyboard.  So, you may want to wait on flashing the new gapps until you’re running an Android 4.2 ROM for now.  Always remember to back up your device before flashing anything.  It’s always a safe practice.  However, if you do want to try it out, or want to have it on hand for when 4.2 drops for your device, head on over to for the latest gapps.  Let us know if you try it out and if you’re having any success with it on 4.1.x ROMs.  If you’re really excited to use these new Android 4.2 apps on an “older” ROM, you should be able to find the new apps like Gmail and the keyboard floating around the interwebz.  Happy flashing…

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