Google Forgets About December In Android 4.2, Removes Need For Christmas Music

Bad Google, bad as you’ve forgotten about Christmas, and December and Santa and New Year’s Eve. All joking aside, Android 4.2 appears to have a “small” bug that appears to have dismissed December as a necessary calendar month. We know that with every new Android release, bugs are likely to be found we’re ok with that, but its kind of a funny blooper to recognize that December is missing.

The good news is that Google Calendar isn’t affected, but when you attempt to add events to profiles within the people application, there’s no option for December. Birthdays, New Year’s Eve, Christmas, fuggedaboutit. Look at the bright side, you won’t have to buy presents or listen to Christmas Music on a seemingly endless loop while shopping at the mall. According to Android Police, who originally noticed the issue, they’ve verified it’s happening on both the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 running on Android 4.2.

The issue has already been reported to Google, but we’ve yet to hear any response from the Android team at the time of this writing. I have little doubt that with December just around the corner that Google can push quickly push out an update to bring December back on the calendar and get Santa back on track. Google does want us buying Nexus devices as holiday presents this year, right?

Android Police

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