Google Gives Away At Least One Free Nexus 4 Amidst Order Debacle

Google’s launch of the Nexus 4 hasn’t been the most smooth to date, with many buyers reporting not knowing what’s going on with their order. It appears that Google is making it up to at least one customer, and will be covering the bill for his Nexus 4. It wasn’t an easy battle for him, however, as he had to speak with customer support more than a few times to get the deed done.

There’s no word on how widespread this is, but Google has confirmed that they gave at least one customer a free Nexus 4. Those of you who haven’t yet heard about your Nexus 4, don’t hold your breath, as this seems to be an isolated issue. Hit the source link to see the full story, and be sure to let us know if Google decides to take the tab on your Nexus 4.


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