Google Is Supposedly Releasing Its Own Self-Branded Chromebook

According to a Taiwanese newspaper entitled the Commercial Times, Google is getting ready to launch a Chromebook of its own. The rumored Chromebook will be 12.85-inches, touch-capable, and will be released in Q1 of 2013.

Google has enlisted two Taiwanese manufacturers to handle the production its Chromebooks. The first manufacturer, Compal Electronics, will be responsible for the OEM production, and the second manufacturer, Wintek, will be responsible for supplying the touch panels.

Google may be planning on aggressively marketing their Chromebooks in 2013, and with it managing all of its productions, it will eliminate the middle man and receive all of the profits from its sales.

We know how successful Google was at marketing their Nexus products and we know how competitive it can be with its pricing, so we can expect that its very own Chromebook will be a success.

Also with the release of its new Chromebook, it may rival Microsoft’s recently released touch-screen laptops and we may be able to expect that laptops will have a new, promising future.

Source: The Next Web & CNET

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