Google Play Updated, Adds New Update Screen, Option To Delete Items From Wishlist

A brand new Google Play app is pushing out to phone as we speak with Verizon 3.10.9 and appears to be the same version launching with Android 4.2. Some early notable changes are an improved screen when apps are installing and the ability to delete items in your wish list.

The update screen allows you to see other apps that users have installed and acts as a sort of an app discovery opportunity. It’s not something I’m particularly fond of and appears to be similar to the interstitial ads that act as an annoyance on mobile devices when you first load a page but have to click-through the ad to see your article. It’s just one more click and we’d rather see Google use alternate methods to show also apps users have installed, but I digress. If you click “keep shopping” it takes you to the familiar update screen which shows you update progress.

For My Wishlist, a remove icon has been added that allows you to delete apps off your Wishlist which hopefully allows for easy Wishlist cleanup. 

You can hit the @windroidguy link below to grab the APK or wait for the update to automatically push to your phone.


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