Google Wants To Create An AirPlay Alternative

Apple’s AirPlay is a very popular way to stream content between Apple devices, but it’s a proprietary system. Unfortunately, this means that us non-Apple users are left without a solid way to stream content between any devices we want. There is no real open standard, but there will be if Google has their way.

Google already has a way to stream from an Android phone to a Google TV, so they want to expand that into an open way of streaming content between devices. GigaOM says:

Google is working on an open alternative to Apple’s AirPlay, and it’s hoping to bring a number of device and software vendors on board to provide the industry with an open technology to exchange data between second screens and TV-connected devices. YouTube unveiled the first implementation of this technology last week, when it launched AirPlay-like video beaming from Android phones and tablets to Google TV devices.

If they create an open standard that is well adopted, it could see a big shift in the Android world. Android will move into the content world in a whole new way. Despite selling content on the Play Store, it was mostly limited to the device you were using (depending on the device of course, many devices have their own ways of outputting an image). A wireless streaming standard could expand the uses of the content Google sells and make Android devices a lot more popular for those who love to buy movies and music on their mobile device.


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